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Videos and Diagrams

Take a TVA field trip

Solar power sites  
Wind turbines on Buffalo Mountain
TVA coal-fired plants   

See how power plants work

Boiling water nuclear reactor
Pressurized water nuclear reactor
Coal-fired plant
Combined cycle plant
Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant

Learn about TVA history

Senator George Norris of Nebraska was the strongest supporter of TVA in the U.S. Congress. In this video an actor portrays Senator Norris, who explains how TVA helped the people of the Tennessee Valley. View video.

Life for kids in the Tennessee Valley was a lot harder before TVA brought electricity. These pictures tell the story.

Other videos

How TVA works to improve air quality
How boaters can be safe around TVA dams
How a navigation lock moves boats on the river


Coal-fired power plant
Combustion turbine power plant
Hydropower plant
Pumped storage plant