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Protecting the Environment

Right from its earliest days, TVA worked to protect the environment by teaching farmers how to stop soil erosion, helping restore forests and assisting the states in controlling water pollution. Here are a few of the ways TVA is working today to keep our air, water and land clean.

photoProtecting Wildlife Habitats

TVA manages thousands of acres of land along the waterways of the Tennessee River Valley. One important goal is to protect the places that animals depend on for food and shelter. Find out what TVA does to preserve wildlife habitats.

Clean Water

Fish, plants, people—all living creatures depend on clean water. Read about how TVA works to protect our water.

photoSolar Power

See how TVA gets power from the sun. One solar site is at a school! And learn about TVA’s green power program, which makes electricity from sources that help keep the environment clean.

photo of fossil plantCleaning Up the Air

TVA has spent nearly $6 billion to control the release of chemicals from its coal-burning power plants. Read about emission controls.

Save Water

You can set up a rain barrel to collect the water that runs off your roof and use it water the lawn or wash the car. Find out why rain barrels are such a good idea.