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Green Power Switch: Solar Power

As anyone who has ever spent a day playing or working in the summer heat can tell you, the sun is an incredibly impressive source of energy. Even from a distance of 93 million miles, then sun's rays are still power-packed. That's why TVA is using technology that collects the sun's rays and turns it into electricity. The electricity created this way is called solar power.

Solar power is an environmentally friendly alternative to some other power-generating methods. This is because the sun's energy is renewable, which means we will never run out of it.

And solar power production does not create significant air, water, or land pollution. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that every year the sun bombards the earth with 1,000 times the energy we get from burning fossil fuel. The trick is to figure out how we can harness that incredible energy.

photo of tva solar panelsTVA recognizes the exciting possibilities of solar energy and that's why it has made solar research and production an important part of its award-winning Green Power Switch program.

Check out how your family can start using solar-generated electricity. This school is generating TVA solar power on a covered walkway between the gym and vocational center.